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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  November 6, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EST

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about the man at the center of the investigation. "good morning washington" continues right now. captioned by the national captioning institute good morning, washington. it is 6:00. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'alison starling. thank you for joining us on this busy friday morning. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> lease that is standing by. here is brian on a cold morning -- lisa is standing by. >> temperature-wise, we will not warm up to much. we will stay on the cool side. 30's in chantilly. 41 downtown. 36 in try and go. low 50's today. we're in the 30's and 40's. -- 36 in triangle.
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let's talk to lisa baden. >> it is better than yesterday. not much to discuss in month permit county. they have made repairs to the traffic computer that controls the traffic signals. buses are still going to be free. this is 270 and everything looks great through montgomery county. growing volume in virginia. headlights northbound out of dale city to get up to 495. now to alison and doug. >> thank you. the aftermath of the deadly attack at fort hood. the suspected gunman, major nidal malik hasan, is still alive. he is expected to survive. an army spokesperson upgraded the death toll. 13 people have now died. 30 others were hurt.
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overnight, we received new video of the man police say carry out the tack. it shows him buying breakfast hours before the attack. we are learning new details about local ties. >> his family still lives here. they say they're shocked by what happened. courtney robinson begins our coverage with more on major nidal hasan. >> good morning. the man army officials are identified as the gunman, 39- year-old army major nidal hasan, his family says they have significant ties to this area. he grew up in arlington and attended school here and what not to graduate from virginia tech. he served six years at walter reed medical center. this past july, the army transferred him to fort hood, texas.
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he was a devout muslim. he was harassed by other soldiers. >> the was the harassment that what got to him. he was born and raised here. he went to high school here in northern virginia. >> this video does show major hasan and a convenience store hours before the shooting. the store owner in the convenience store video says he knew hasan well and spoke with him often and that hasan often talk with him about his concern over the deployment and having to confront another muslim while deployed. officials did see a red flag from hasan and some of his blog talking about suicide bombings and other serious threats. they say in one posting he compared a suicide bomber to soldiers throwing himself on top
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of a grenade to save a colleague. hasan is in stable condition but not speaking with investigators. his family did release a statement. they say they are filled with grief for the families of the victims. they say we're proud of our country and saddened by this strategy. many are shocked and waiting to se what the motive in all of this was. >> thank you. the shooting is a huge blow to the u.s. military, already under strain. these guys tend to come together at times like this. fort hood has had the highest number of suicides, 10 so far this year. more than 75 have taken their own lives since 2003. multiple combat deployment may have contributed to these deaths in some cases. president obama colorado
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this a horrific outburst of violence. he will attend walter reed medical center. this'll be his first visit since taking office. the visit was scheduled before the shooting at fort hood. major nidal hasan has spent years living in our area and attended a mosque in silver spring. that is where we find pamela brown. >> we did see some worshipers here at the community center. they are shocked by this news. they said he came here for 10 years to pray and that he was a dedicated muslim. he would come to the earlier service, 5:30 in the morning. they say he was active in the community, often volunteering. he rarely talked about politics or extreme views.
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here's what one worshiper had to say. >> he was an educated person. they tell me he was a doctor. he talked to me maybe three or four years ago. maybe a year ago. at this time -- >> and he goes on to say the most devoted of worshipers come here this early in the morning. perhaps the worst -- perhaps the person who knew him best knew him for more than 10 years. he said he never seemed controversial and that he came here looking for a woman to marry, one that had a strong muslim faith. we hope to have more reaction for you later in the 6:00 hour. >> thank you. our team coverage on the massacre at rt hood continues
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in our next half-hour. you could also log onto our website. , for more details. the commute in month permit county should be smoother this morning. a glitch was fixed. it cost mistiming on the traffic lights and caused gridlock for two days. buses will continue to offer free rides today. 6 coccyx on this friday. 40 degrees -- 6:06 on this friday. >> metro is fighting a plan to raise wages. >> it is another cool and pleasant start to our day. we're checking in at 42 degrees. we will talk
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>> hello. i am from loudoun county. we're teachers learning about williston's. good morning, washington! -- we are learning about weightlessness. 6:10, your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> adam caskey is live in old town, alexander, with your home town weather. >> it is great. a pleasant start to our day. just a few degrees cooler. people are inside the local coffee shop. right now we're checking in at
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42 degrees. we are at king street. here is a great look at the sunrise. 42 at reagan national. look at gorgeous sky. sunrise at 6:31 a.m. this morning. a cool day today. a lot of sunshine. breezy. gusty wind later today. today should be a low point in terms of temperatures. it will warm up near 60 tomorrow. maybe even pushing 70 by sunday with a lot of sunshine. dry, sunny, and comfortable. >> be careful heading out this morning once the sun is in your eye. we're great between fredericksburg and baltimore. we will not add anything to your travel time. greenway, 66, 270 looked good.
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see the headlights back that is 95 virginia northbound moving relatively well out of woodbridge to the pentagon. now to alison and doug. >> thank you. metro is appealing binding arbitration on its largest union contract. an arbitration panel ruled metro should give due unit members a lump sum payment for last year equivalent to 2% of annual salaries and it's a dip 3% raises for each of the next three years. metro agreed to pay the lump- sum. it is anticipating a anticipating144 milliongap next year. 6:00 well, 40 degrees. >> one community wants to ban speed bumps. they will tell you why they cause more harm than good. >> we will check on the fight cause more harm than good. >> we will check on the fight overon car insurance.rm. hdreds
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "gd morning washington," on your side. in our top stories, authorities are trying to piece together what led an army psychiatrist to go on the shooting rampage at fort hood, texas. major nidal malik hasan is under military guard in a hospital. a 13th person has died from the shooting. 30 others are hurt. >> relief is on the way for unemployed americans whose -- they will get 20 weeks of additional benefits.
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it extends the first-time home buyers tax credit to the end of april. >> president obama has postponed a visit to capitol hill until tomorrow. the american medical association and aarp are backing the bill. >> traffic humps are becoming an issue in d.c. some are saying they're so big that they are dangerous or may hurt the cars. three speed humps were installed last month. some residents said the hunts are a hazard. others are glad to have the cars slow down. >> it is where people live and kids are walking to school. >> people are dragging their bumpers on the street. >> the debt crews replaced the four-inch high, with poor ones. the number of speed humps in
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d.c. has surged to almost 900. it 75% of residents signed a petition, the do get speed bumps. traffic studieare now no longer needed. 6:15. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we will start out with lisa baden. >> my last reporter forgot to turn my microphone off. my husband said, i thought i was dreaming. i saw your mouth moving and nothing coming out. [laughter] he points the remote at me and hits mute all the time. >> i would not try that at my house. >> that is funny. i had to tell you that. we are feeling good today. newschopper 7, no major crashes at all. this is the volume.
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95, normal stuff from woodbridge to get into springfield. a better ride in montgomery county. the effects of the cmputer traffic system. this is father hurley boulevard down to the beltway. >> we see some sunshine on the horizon. 6:00 for one is the -- 6:41 is the sunrise. we will show you some other numbers around the area. 39 in marshall. 45 in southern maryland. we're looking at a day of cool breezes out of the north. that will be the story today. high pressure will settle in. upper 20's and low 30's. they have not had their first freeze. warmer air on the back side will move and tomorrow. near 60 and then maybe 74 sunday
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and monday. 53, breezy, and cool. overnight, there will be a chance of a freeze south of town as temperatures fall into the 30's and the upper 20's. more sunshine tomorrow. >> it looks great. >> thank you. how high it will it go? wall street and main street braced for the latest unemployment results. >> we have the numbers. >> we begin your "money scope" report with the october jobs report. the government releases what it considers to be the most important economic report. it is expected to show another 175,000 jobs were lost last bond, pushing the unemployment rate just short of 10%. homeowners on the verge of a foreclosure have a new option. mortgage finance company fannie
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mae will let borrowers rent their home for a year in exchange for the deed. thousands of homeowners could get a temporary break. critics say it will only add to the mushrooming losses. a glimmer of hope for the holiday season. sales at chain stores rose more than expected last month. shoppers are still not splurging. another sign the economy is improving, more people are going to starbucks and they are spending more. it was cost-cutting that boosted the quarterly profits. the irs is sending a more than one under $23 million in undeliverable refund checks. more than 10,000 -- more than 100,000 refund checks were returned to the agency. if you think a check is yours, you can visit the irs's web site
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and click on where is my rebate? steve jobs has been named the ceo of the decade. he remade computers, music, movies, and cell phones. apple has grown from about $5 billion to about $170 billion today. our financial advisors back-to- school to give college students advice for managing their money. and that is your "money scope" report. i am vinita nair. 6:19 is your time on a friday morning. correct swine flu's worldwide spread. how high infection rates really are. >> michelle rhee making news this morning, but it has nothing to do with her job. i will have the details coming up. >> results from the karaoke challenge.
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a cheerleader for the dallas cowboys is getting a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons. >> philip stewart has more. >> good morning. we start with a local announcement. michelle rhee is now engaged. the 39-rolled rhee was spotted sporting a diamond ring.
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the couple is planning a long engagement. new york city police say a ticket scalper tried to win his freedom by bribing an officer with seats. he was arrested before game two for allegedly selling a fake tickets. then he told an officer he can get h tickets for another game in exchange for his release. now he is charged with possession and attempted bribery. this one is generating quite a bit of controversy. this dallas cowboys cheerleader is in hot water over this facebook picture. on halloween, and she covered her skin in brown paid and dressed up as a rapper. the photo op appeared on a sports block and caused an outrage. a spokesperson for the cowboys said they are aware of the
6:25 am
situation and are addressing it. a local food bank is still with coconuts because of a protest hundreds of miles away. when the postal service closed the st office in florida, the small town pushed back. residents sent 1000 cocoanuts by mail to the postmaster general here in d.c. when they arrive, the office made the best of the awkward situation and donated the coconuts to food bank, bread for the city. >> the proper story is interesting. society seems to be confused about where the boundaries are. robert downey jr. was nominated for an academy award wearing black face. he was in a comedy. is this supposed to be comedy?
6:26 am
i do not know. >> there is a series of events the came out. models we appearing in a similar way on "the tyra banks show." very odd boundaries. >> the al jolson stereotyped is revolting to everyone. >> thank you, phil. 6:25 but the very latest from the deadly shooting at fort hood. we have learned more about the suspected gunman and its local ties. >> i matt brock live in the newsroom. i will have an update on the battle against swine flu. >> we are live in the weather center. cold air is upon us. what about the sun?
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. the time now is 6:29 on a friday morning. welcome back. >> your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. let's check in with brian and find that we can expect. >> we do have some cold air in place to start off. we will have nothing but
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sunshine. >> i like your redskins time. >> we really are pulling for the redskins. >> not everybody has deserted them. >> thank you for the tie. >> you do not want to be too much out there. >> 43 in king george. the forecast this morning at the bus stop, up 30's and 40's. we will be in the low 50's. it gets much warmer, in e assembly's, by sunday. >> they made the repairs to the computer system that controls the traffic system in montgomery county. ride on buses are still offering free service today. it looks great. brief delays out of woodbridge on 95 to get into springfield. now on the way to put 395 and
6:31 am
open to the pentagon. >> thank you. we continue to fall development from texas where a gunman shot and killed 13 people. we're learning new details at the man at the center of the investigation. courtney robinson is live in falls church with the latest. >> out here, the family is asking for privacy. they say they are stunned and shocked by all of these events. army major nidal hasan has significant ties to this area. he graduated from virginia tech. many are asking why this soldier was allegedly turned on his brothers in arms. moments of terror. command officials suspect as the gunmen, 39-year-old army major nidal malik hasan. he served as a psychiatrist. his family lives in virginia.
6:32 am
he served at walter reed army medical center. he was transferred to fort hood this past july. >> i am really shocked. he seemed so calm. " this woman lived next door to hasan and his brother. she said they moved out six months ago. those who knew hasan said he was a devout muslim. this video shows major hasan just hours before the shooting. the owner othe store said he knew hasan well. he discussed a possible deployment and confrontation with another muslim. >> there was a large waiting area. that is why you get that high number of casualties. >> armed with two handguns, hasan hit the place where many people were willing to go for a typical checkups before
6:33 am
deployment. army officials have yet to pinpoint an official motive, what made a man turned on his brothers and sisters in uniform. there were red flags about army major nidal hasan. family members did speak with federal agents and army officials and a say he had blogged about suicide bombings and other threats. he compared a suicide bomber to a soldier throwing himself on a grenade to save a comrade. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the council on american islamic relations is condemning the attack on fort hood. they have released a statement that says no political ideology could ever justify or excuse such indiscriminate violence. the group offered condolences to the families of the victims. the quantico marine base is
6:34 am
on high alert after the fort hood shootings. officials say the base is taking proper measures to ensure safety. other military bases are also stepping up safety. the evidence does not indicate the attack had a terror connection. experts are warning people not to rush to judgment. >> it is an isolated incident. it would be one thing if we saw muslim soldiers on a regular basis attacking jews and christians, but that is not the case. muslims have served bravely and honorably. unfortunately, this will have the kind of blow back. quest will help more from fort hood still ahead including reaction to the attacks. for updates throughout today, what onstar website, one of two volunteer
6:35 am
firefighters will appear today. they are accused of intentionally setting a fire to a vacant home in riverdale back in march of last year. they returned moments later to put the fire out. if convicted, each man faces more than 50 years in prison. we turn to the fight against swine flu. dramatic new numbers about the spread of infection. the h1n1 flu strain is the most predominate worldwide and that is no surprise to the thousands of people already sick and trying to avoid it. matt brock is live with more. >> are we trying to avoid it. we go to swine flu is making its mark in this country. researchers are finding it is making a mark world wide. seven of every 10 flu cases are likely to be swine flu. it is astounding how quickly
6:36 am
this virus is spreading. a doctor says in some countries, swine flu accounts for up to 70% flu viruses they sample. it does not appear to be developing into something even more lethal. this strain is almost the opposite of most flu viruses in that is especially problematic for younger folks. here at home, a new report of a school closing because of the flu. st. hugh's will be closed because of staff shortages. the vaccine is still preserved for pregnant women, children, and folks with other underlying health problems. the district is holding a swine flu clinic. fewer -- only four priority
6:37 am
patients. there is one scheduled in loudoun county. the have about 1000 des. it is for pregnant women and children. the estimate for more widespread availability of the vaccine is some time around november 23rd. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> may be for a thanksgiving dinner. how will stocks react to the latest unemployment report? >> linda bell is live with a preview. good morning. >> that is the big question today. yesterday, we have stocks index futures little changed. investors are waiting for the october jobs report. economists say the report may show jobs last month at the slowest pace in a year. unemployment grew to 9.9%. starbucks shares gaining. they boosted their profit
6:38 am
forecasts. they announced 9000 subway sandwich restaurants will start selling seattle's best coffee by the end of the year. mcdonald's is trying to get food to customers even faster. they are experimenting with warming trays and software that streamlines orders. it could cut as much as 10 seconds off and squeeze another five cars in the drive through lanes an hour. hand-held devices would allow workers to help out in lon lines. mcdonald's is ranked eighth on the american customer satisfaction chain. that puts it above a burger chain but behind wendy's and second place talk nobel. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. have a great weekend. >> thank you. we have 40 degrees outside on this friday morning. >> we will take a trip to the
6:39 am
movies. arch campbell has your best bets at the weekend's box office. >> hasan attended this mosque. i will have local reaction coming up. we are coming back with another check on these guys and the streets. you're watching "good morning washington."
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why women should care about health care reform. women pay more for health care and often get less coverage for men. this is important information you need to have. the five reasons women to care about health care reform. 6:41 a.m. on this friday morning. it is another cool start to our day. mainly above freezing. the last couple of mornings we had readings above freezing. we're at king street. 41 degrees. we dropped a degree it since we last checked. frederick, 39. we do have a great camera shot from a new earth and space allowed. it is really cool. kids will love it. a cool planetarium. upper 30's right now north and west of the metro area. tomorrow morning, we should be
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near freezing. upper 60's by sunday. one of the best weekends we have had. >> today is one of the best days we have had all week in montgomery county. they have fixed the traffic signals. there is a crash on 270, but it will be out of the way before you get there. this is the beltway between 270 and the american legion bridge. no complaints out of potomac to get into the district on river road. back to alison and doug. >> thank you. we have 41 degrees. 6:43. " we will tell you about the response to the deadly shootings at fort hood. >> we will out the
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good morning. coming up, the latest on the fort hood shooting. chris " what is live in texas. walmart is penalizing workers the take sick days. are you being put at risk? we will hear about the moment when chris brown attacked rihanna. we will try to learn how to cope. good luck. that is next. >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. 6:46.
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>> president obama has postponed his visit to capitol hill until tomorrow. house democrats will put the health care reform bill to a vote. aarp is backing the bill. conservatives are rallying against it, calling it a government takeover. >> the monthly unemployment report will be released this moing. unemployment is expected to rise to 9.9%. >> the death toll from fort hood,exas, is now up to 13. 30 others are hurt. the shooter, nidal malik hasan, is alive and under military protection. he was shot by police officer. the suspect had many local ties. pamela brown is live in silver spring where major nidal malik hasan used to attend a community
6:48 am
center there. you spoke to some of the people who worship there. >> that is correct. we spoke with some worshipers. they are shocked by what happened yesterday. they said hasan visited this mosque in silver spring for more than 10 years. when said he stopped coming here about a year ago. he said nidal hasan was quiet and never talked about politics. we have learned he would typically attend the earliest service at this mosque at 5:30 in the morning. the fact that he was such a devoted muslim is troubling for those in this community. >> if you see one person, you see all humanity. he could not do that. >> perhaps the man who knew hasan the best says he would
6:49 am
come here looking for a woman that he could marry that shared his religious views. he of course is shocked like so many others that nidal hasan could be capable of something like this. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. 6:48 right now. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. part we're heading into the weekend. >> it will be sunny. it will be chilly and breezy as this afternoon. cold tonight. it gets a little bit warmer each day. sunday it will be nice. a gorgeous shot. the sun comes up at 6:41 this morning. there are some clouds in the far distance. temperatures will be cooler than yesterday. 38 in capon bridge. 35 and barnesville. all in all, a chilly start to
6:50 am
your day. we will show you what is going on. high pressure is building in. wind out of the west. it brings in the cooler air. as the system moves further to the east, the winds will shift and it will bring in some of the mild air. that will make a nice day on saturday and even better for a summit. 30's and 40's this morning. it is called. -- even better for your sunday. low 50's is your high for frolic with some patchy clouds. clear and cold tonight. temperatures falling into the freezing mark. some areas have not had their first freeze. arlington, district, you could have your first freeze tonight. the weekend will be milder. we finished with a bang on
6:51 am
sunday. >> near normal russia are expected in montgomery county and thanks to repairs to the computer system that controls the traffic system. backups on sat 270 now. we wanted to go live to newschopper 7 becau there was a crash after 370 that is completely gone. this is along 270. we will come back with arch campbell. - ( music playing ) - now's the time to invest.
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good morning, washington. i am arch campbell with your weekend movie guide. george clooney plays a man using psychic powers in "the men who stare at goats." funny but sometimes it tries to heart. worth a couple of stars. also opening, "disney's a christmas carol" with jim carrey as scrooge. it might scare the dickens out of the young kids. 3 stars. here is the complete weekend movie guide. three stars for "this is it." 3 for "zombie land."
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have a nice weekend, everybody. i am arch campbell, abc entertainment. a prince george's county judge will hold a hearing to look into the hearing of the jail inmate ronnie white. his father has file paperwork alleging a cover-up. >> the health department will hand out swine flu shots to 800 pregnant women only. it is by appointment only. >> metro riders, beware. they will perform major track maintenance along the orange, blue, and yellow lines. >> hopefully delays not as bad as earlier in the week. >> montgomery county made the repairs to the computer the repo that controls the traffic
6:56 am
signals. yesterday, we could not see the pavement. now the signals are back in your favor. with a great between colombia and 495. newschopper 7 has been looking and 270 travel. this is to get to hyattstown with the normal volume of traffic. normal delays in manassas in fair oaks. 95 it looks good in springfield. do we have a gorgeous weekend? >> we do indeed. sunshine is prince outside. it will be with us all the way into the first half of next week. a chilly day state with a bit of a breeze. temperatures only in the mid 50's. it gets colder tonight in the district. some areas could see their first freeze tonight. saturday starts out col. if you are going to a soccer
6:57 am
game, dressed in layers. we could be near 70 degrees on sunday. next chance of rain, not until next tuesday. >> wonderful. that looks great. >> that looks crisp. >> monday. >> thank you for watching. >> have a great weekend. breakfast doesn't really start until the grands
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are on the table grands biscuits. would it really be breakfast without 'em? hoo-hoo! make breakfast grand.
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